What is a Brand Engagement Agency?

Ooh, “brand engagement.” Sounds trendy.

Brand engagement is about creating an emotional connection between people and brands. So, in that sense, it is really not new or trendy. Great brands have always done that.

For us, brand engagement is really about a way of thinking and a point of view. It recognizes that truly connecting with people requires more than clever headlines, taglines and flashy campaigns.

Rather, engagement (defined as emotional involvement or commitment) requires discovering what makes our client’s brand special and understanding the unique desires and dreams of their audiences. Brand engagement requires defining the brand’s true purpose and promise, and creating a rich story told through words, images, colors, sight, sounds and experiences.

Brand engagement is about moving beyond features and “me too” messages to elevating the relationship between the brand and the person. Brand engagement invites people to experience a brand at a personal level, and to make a commitment to the brand based on shared values and beliefs. Brand engagement happens when the brand speaks relevantly and consistently on every level, from product design to employee hiring practices, from the signs on buildings to the corporate PowerPoint and digital, social and traditional media campaigns — everything the brand does (or doesn’t do) impacts engagement.